Liquid Images Hd Camera/video mask

I am a huge fan of gadgets, that being said I found this interesting scuba mask that allows you to do HD video and take pictures while your under water. The video camera can film at 30 frames per second in (1280-720) and the still camera shoots 5 mega pixel images. If you would like to read more about this you can find more info at PDN or if you want to own this gadget look here at B&H or at Liquid Images.



Canon Tilt-Shift Lens and tilt shift photography

Tilt shift lens are a style of lens that mimic the large format bellows capabilities. Mainly used for architecture these lens can tilt and sway, by doing this you can control what is in focus more.if you would like to see other videos like this go to youtube or digital camera reviews,also if you want to find were to buy a lens like this, you can find them at B&H photo. Here is another link just for tilt shift photography.

Canon Has Yet Another Knew Camera

Before you get to excited this is an article I read on canon rumors. That being said, canon is coming out with yet another camera but not in time for Christmas the release of the EOS 1DS Mark 4 will more than likely be in the spring. So what’s the difference between the 1D and the 1DS well a lot the 1DS will have 32 mega pixel be video cable and have a high iso range, full frame and shoot 5 frames per second where as the 1d is 16 mp shoots an amazing 10 fps and is not full frame. Either way both camera are amazing and I look forward to seeing pictures of the actual camera.

Holiday Portraits

Monday we began construction of our set for the holiday portraits. I think it will be a fun arrangement and I am looking forward to seeing how it all turns out. Here are the dates and times for the event Thurs, Nov. 12: 4-8pmSat, Nov. 14: 10am-2pm
(SANTA SATURDAY)Mon – Thurs, Nov. 16- 19: 4-8pmSat, Nov. 21: 10am-2pmMon & Tues, Nov. 23-24: 4-8pmNo Appointment Necessary or you can check out the blog for further info atGTC Holiday Portraits.