Cloudland Canyon.

CloudLand_1 cloudland_2

cloudland_3 cloudland_4

Cloudland Canyon is a a beautiful place to hike and take in natures peacefulness. It is a moderate hike consisting of two waterfalls, Cherokee falls and Hemlock falls. If you have not visited I recommend it. Also, prints are available for sale by clicking here and  follow me on Instagram for more photos and adventures.

Traveling & adventure.


Jekyll Island is a spot that is close to my hart. I had spent a week photographing various spots on the island at different times of the day. I am hoping to return in 2020, maybe I will get to see some sea turtles. Prints are avlible for sale click here. Also follow my instagram for more adventures & photos.

The sun setting on a decade.

HDR Arabia Mt

The decade is almost over. 2020 will bring new adventures new stories to share and new projects to work on. This photo was shot at Arabia Mt, it is multiple images blended together to create a more dramatic image. Prints are available by clicking here also, follow my instagram for more photos and stories.

A silent & starry night in Wyoming.

T.A. Molton Barn & Milky Way

Wyoming is a perfect place to star gaze and enjoy the abundance of out milky way galaxy. This photo reminds me of the silent night. Hope you have a merry Christmas & happy holidays. Prints are available for sale click here. Also follow my instagram for BTS and more adventures.

Grand Teton Np.

Grand Teton Np

I do a lot of traveling however, one of my favorite trips has been going to some of the national parks. One of my favorite parks is Grand Teton located in Jackson hole Wyoming. I spent a lot of time hiking and star gazing and just being in awe of the natural beauty that God has created. If you have not yet ventured to Grand Teton be sure to add it to your list. Also, prints are available for sale click here and be sure and check out my Instagram.