Tellico Plains TN.

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Bald River Falls Bald River Falls Black & White

Took a day trip to Tennessee, Tellico Plains area. It is near the Hiwassee River. A very beautiful area full of places to hike and camp. It was a good day trip. I recommend checking it out if you have not been there.

Jenny Lake trail//

T.A. Molton Barn & Milky Way//

HWY 191 Grand tetons//

Cliff Creek Smoke//


Old Faithful//


Castle Geyser//

Mammoth Hot Springs//

I Recently took a trip to Wyoming to see Grand Tetons & Yellowstone National Parks. Words can’t describe the beauty of either of these parks. Both spots are place everyone should see . The thing that I most enjoyed about being out west was the big sky and the dry air. This trip was a much needed adventure. I was not out there nearly long enough, current conditions from the Cliff Creek fire did make taking certain photos rather difficult but it was still incredible. All photos are available for purchase please look under the pricing tab for more details.

Landscapes Of Colorado.

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Top of the RockiesRokies


PikesPikes HDR



Colorodo Time Lapse from cooper ricketts on Vimeo.

I recently went to Colorado on a trip to shoot some landscape photos. I was able to shoot three really incredible spots. On the first day I hiked up the Rockies and photographed what things look like at 14,000 ft. On day two I drove to the top of Pikes Peak again at 14,000 ft or 14,115 if you want to be exact. After Pikes Peak I headed over to Garden of the Gods. Truly breath taking views.  The trip was one I will never forget. It was challenging at times but what good adventure isn’t. I got rained on chased by animals and set next to some characters on both flights but thats what makes a good story.




lasertimelapse from cooper ricketts on Vimeo.

I went to Stone mt to celebrate the 4th of July. I was surrounded by several other patriotic people anxiously awaiting the laser & fire work show. I shot some time-lapse of begging of the show and took some photos during. All in all it was a good celebration of Americas Birthday.







I had the opportunity and pleasure to work with an aspiring model named Kristen. The day was mostly over cast witch was ok since we were not working in the studio for these shots. Me and the crew hit up a couple of local spots and got some good images before the rain came in. All in all a very fun day of shooting. More big things to come !



The night

tree & clouds




Sun Rise Time-lapse from cooper ricketts on Vimeo.

I recently went down to Jekyll Island to do some landscape photography. I had been there before but it had been several years ago and I did not have a camera at that time. I really wanted to focus on Drift Wood Beach and see what was there to photograph. Trying to achieve the look I wanted really depended on the tides and lighting. Jekyll Island is an amazing place, and it was an amazing trip.

Wedding Shoot.

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I recently shot a wedding in Carroll Ga for Leo and Beverly.We had time before the ceremony to capture some posed photos of family and the wedding party.My fiancé ( Brittany Roy ) assisted me, together we got some incredible shots. Beverly and Leo were an amazing couple it was a lot fun to cover their ceremony, wishing them all the best.