Desoto Falls State Park.

A early morning drive to northern Alabama proved to be a fun adventure full of exploring and breathtaking views. Desoto Falls is such a beautiful park I recommend checking it out if your in the area. Prints of my photos are available for sale on my site click here, and follow me on instagram for more photos and stories of my adventures.

Sweet Water Creek State Park.

Sweetwater Creek Mill
// Sweetwater Creek//

Sweet Water Creek is a real cool and interesting state park in Ga. I had gotten there early in the morning to avoid the crowds, it is one of the more popular parks in GA. The trail is beautiful and follows the creek to the old mill ruins and eventually to the Chattahoochee. I recommend it if you haven’t been. Also, check out my online print shop here and follow me on IG for more photos and stories.

Amicalola Falls State Park

Amicalola Falls//

Nature was in full affect, from its foggy mouton views to the bear i saw in the parking lot. I am always graft to be able to get out and explore especially now that a lot of things are uncertain. Amicalola is on of GA state parks and offers views of a 729 cascading waterfall. Go visit if you haven’t been. Prints of my photography are available for purchase on my site and follow my IG for more photography and stories.

Fort Mountain State Park.

Fort Mountain

Fort Mt is a Ga state park located in the north west part of Ga. I had not be able to get out and hike like I usually do because of the pandemic. It was nice to be able to get outside and enjoy nature. Prints are available for purchase on my site click here. Also, follow me on IG for more photos and stories.

Cloudland Canyon State Park.

Cloudland Pano

Cloudland canyon is a state park located in north west Ga. It has two water falls and several scenic views. I had hiked down in to the canyon, I decide to do a panorama of Cherokee falls. To see more images of cloud land canyon or to purchase photos click here,  also f check out myIG for more stories and photos.


Tropical Storm Photos.

Driftwood_rainbow A couple of years ago I had traveled down to the Gulf with friends. We arrived late at night so we were not able to do any photography. On our first morning there the weather had worsened but I was able to get a couple of shoots in between the rain storms that came through. Images for sale at my website. Also follow my instagram for more photography. Lightning_sunrise