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Wedding Shoot.

Posted: 06/05/2014 in Photography, Photojournalism









I recently shot a wedding in Carroll Ga for Leo and Beverly.We had time before the ceremony to capture some posed photos of family and the wedding party.My fiancé ( Brittany Roy ) assisted me, together we got some incredible shots. Beverly and Leo were an amazing couple it was a lot fun to cover their ceremony, wishing them all the best.

Blake Harrison

I recently took some pictures of my good friend Blake rollerblading. This picture seems to be everyone’s favorite and I have had a couple of people pushing me to try to get it published. I contacted a rollerblading magazine(One Rollerblading Mag) and they are featuring the picture along with a short bio about me on their website. Click here to see.




Blake Harrison

Today was a awesome day. I combined two of my favorite things my love for rollerblading, and photography. My good friend Blake wanted to skate and I was up for taking some photos so we headed out. I think it went really well.






I recently shot a themed wedding with Jenni Green, it was an awesome idea and mad the event that much more fun. I always enjoy shooting weddings and I have been lucky enough so far to not have had to shoot one I didn’t like. I look forward to shooting more interesting wedding in the future.

MMA Fight.

Posted: 03/21/2011 in Photography, Photojournalism

MMA Fight

MMA Fight 3

MMA Fight 5

MMA Fight 2

I attended and photographed Fight Night at Wild Bills,I shot with Nelson B, it was a caged match style of fight which was a bit difficult to shoot. I still had a good time shooting and I think I walked away with some good images.

The Chariot
The Chariot.

Hard Kick Party
Hard Kick Party

The Chariot
The Chariot.

I recently went to the 7 Venue to see the Chariot play their last show of their tour my good friend and fellow photographer Brian Hall was there as well all in all it was an amazing time.


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I recently shot a MMA fight with my friend Nelson. The fights were an interesting event to cover and I think I got some really good shots out of it. The fights were an all night event at Wild Bill’s.