Yc 3300 camera see same colors as the human eye.

We can’t say that we’ve ever heard of PaPaLaB, but all it takes to get on the consumer electronics radar is doing something that no one has ever done before. It’s one of those “easier said than done” things, we’re guessing. Any who, the Japanese outfit has just rolled out a camera system that hasContinue reading “Yc 3300 camera see same colors as the human eye.”

And You Think Your Camera Stinks.

Complain much about your gear? Give it a rest. These kids from Uganda prove you don’t need a sophisticated camera to have a love for photography.The below “camera” is made from cow dung and broken glass for the lens. Pretty sure it’s not a working model but you’ve got to admire the craftsmanship. Looks betterContinue reading “And You Think Your Camera Stinks.”