Red Scarlet.

Quixotic camera company RED was at it again yesterday, announcing more details of its Scarlet camera system in a posting on an Internet forum. This time it was Jarred Land of RED stepping in for company founder Jim Jannard to announce news of Scarlet in a REDUSER message board posting on Monday.Most importantly for RED watchers was the announcement of a price for the 3K video capable Scarlet: $4750 for the system which includes a fixed 8x zoom lens. Scarlet was originally estimated to sell for under $3,000.Features in the full Scarlet ensemble include the “brain,” REDmote, 2.8-inch touchscreen LCD, REDVOLT battery and travel charger. Other intriguing details include:
• 3K REDCODE RAW capture at 120fps (or 150fps burst mode)
• Scaled 720p or 1080p recording at 60fps
• Interchangeable lens mounts including focus and iris control of RED, Canon and Nikon lenses
• “Touch focus tracking” with electronic lens mounts and RED touchscreen LCDs. To find out more about RED click here . To read more n this article click here

Published by Cooper Ricketts

I am a Atlanta based photographer. I love adventures and exploring nature. I really enjoy sharing my stories and experiences through photography.I have a strong passion for travel and documenting my travels.

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