All-Terrain Mobile Workstation!

What do you get when you cross a souped-up photography workstation with the Mars rover? The DR8, an off-roading digital hub designed to bring the comforts of the home studio to the trickiest of terrains. “The DR8 is a great machine to convert tough location shoots into luxury indoor shoots,” said Aladdin Ishmael, CEO of AI Digital Imagination and creator of the device.
The 500-pound DR8 is built inside a power converter that can run an Apple MacPro workstation along with twin 30-inch monitors. The device is made of solid steel and sports rubberized tank treads to move it over sand or snow. Balanced to remain upright even on rocky terrain, the DR8 can rotate on its axis and has a foot stand on the side of the machine if a human wants to go along for the ride. There’s also a front shelf for carrying a generator, if needed, for a shoot.
“We took it to Tahoe, CA in the snow, and the beaches in Malibu,” Ishmael told PDN Gear Guide. “I have been using the DR8 for about three years already. Clients we work with this machine are: Kohls, Target, Fredricks of Hollywood, Spin Magazine, TNT TV, and Cosmo. When we get it to any location, no matter how interesting the talent is, the conversation always end up about this machine.” To read more on this article click here.

Published by Cooper Ricketts

I am a Atlanta based photographer. I love adventures and exploring nature. I really enjoy sharing my stories and experiences through photography.I have a strong passion for travel and documenting my travels.

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