7D Firmware Update.

Now I have not updated my 7D but then agin I havent had any problems with it doesn’t mean you shouldnt go ahead and update it but if you havent run in to  any problems you can probably wait and if you have more questions or want more info regarding the 7D click here or here

Canon has killed the links to the firmware on the various sites around the globe. So I am going to host it instead.

Download EOS 7D Firmware 1.2.5 (12.4mb)

Extract the .fir file and put it on the root of a CF card. Put the CF card in your 7D and go to the firmware section in your menu. Select the file on the card and install.

This firmware is official Canon firmware that was prematurely leaked by Canon UK & Canon Europe.

Should you install it? I have and everything is ok. If you’re a bit uncomfortable doing so, you can probably live without it. If you have any of the bugs listed below, installing it is probably wise.

thanks Eric

Changes in this firmware

Firmware Version 1.2.5 incorporates the following improvements and fixes.

  1. Fixed a rare phenomenon in which there were rare cases where movie files taken could not be opened when repeatedly shooting movies with specific CF cards.
  2. Fixed a rare phenomenon in which there were cases where “Err 02″ appeared when repeatedly shooting still images with specific CF cards.
  3. Fixed a phenomenon that occurred when using high-capacity (32 GB or greater) CF cards: If either a CF card with only a little available space remaining or the battery was removed and then reinserted into the camera, and then the user attempted to start shooting movies immediately, shooting would stop.
  4. Improved the writing/reading speeds when using UDMA 7-compatible CF cards.
  5. Fixed a phenomenon that occurred when custom function C.Fn 4-1 was set to assign IS start to the AF stop button on the lens: When used with lenses that do not have an AF stop button, the IS function would not work.
  6. Corrected some mistakes in the menu screens displayed in Arabic and Portuguese. (This applies to models in overseas markets. The models for the Japanese market do not display those languages.)

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