Landscapes Of Colorado.

Top of the RockiesRokies


PikesPikes HDR



Colorodo Time Lapse from cooper ricketts on Vimeo.

I recently went to Colorado on a trip to shoot some landscape photos. I was able to shoot three really incredible spots. On the first day I hiked up the Rockies and photographed what things look like at 14,000 ft. On day two I drove to the top of Pikes Peak again at 14,000 ft or 14,115 if you want to be exact. After Pikes Peak I headed over to Garden of the Gods. Truly breath taking views.  The trip was one I will never forget. It was challenging at times but what good adventure isn’t. I got rained on chased by animals and set next to some characters on both flights but thats what makes a good story.

Published by Cooper Ricketts

I am a Atlanta based photographer. I love adventures and exploring nature. I really enjoy sharing my stories and experiences through photography.I have a strong passion for travel and documenting my travels.

2 thoughts on “Landscapes Of Colorado.

  1. These images are truly amazing! You are truly talented and captured God’s amazing work!

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