Cloudland Canyon.

Cloudland Canyon is a a beautiful place to hike and take in natures peacefulness. It is a moderate hike consisting of two waterfalls, Cherokee falls and Hemlock falls. If you have not visited I recommend it. Also, prints are available for sale by clicking here and  follow me on Instagram for more photos and adventures.

Traveling & adventure.

Jekyll Island is a spot that is close to my hart. I had spent a week photographing various spots on the island at different times of the day. I am hoping to return in 2020, maybe I will get to see some sea turtles. Prints are avlible for sale click here. Also follow my instagramContinue reading “Traveling & adventure.”

People Taking Notice.

I recently took some pictures of my good friend Blake rollerblading. This picture seems to be everyone’s favorite and I have had a couple of people pushing me to try to get it published. I contacted a rollerblading magazine(One Rollerblading Mag) and they are featuring the picture along with a short bio about me onContinue reading “People Taking Notice.”