Activist’s get aressted.

Tea Party activists hit the Hill,and some are arrested outside Pelosi’s office.GOP leaders and thousands of Tea Party movement protesters gathered on Capitol Hill Thursday to call House Democrats’ health care reform bill a full-blown government takeover of the nation’ health care system.Police later arrested 12 protesters outside Pelosi’s office for unlawful entry or disorderly conduct,Continue reading “Activist’s get aressted.”

Who Shot Rcok & Roll ?

This is a photography exhibition opening today in Brooklyn New York at the Brooklyn museum. The exabition shocase some of the finest colabration between musicans and photographers. Michael Lavine’s , Storm Thorgerson and Ian Dickerson are just a couple of photographers exhibiting there. Opening night there will be a concert with Blondie. Needless to say thisContinue reading “Who Shot Rcok & Roll ?”

Atlanta Photojournalism Seminar.

There is going to be a seminar for photojournalism at the begging of December. The seminar will concisest of work shops, speakers and a contest of the different elements of photojournalism. My self Brett May, Damain Aching, Amanda Gardener, and Lisa Cave will all be volunteering at the seminar I cant tell you how excited I am for this opportunity toContinue reading “Atlanta Photojournalism Seminar.”