Smoky Mountain National Park.

I had traveled to the smokies specifically to try and photograph the elk, fortunately I lucked out. Photographing animals is always a bit unpredictable but also a lot of fun. If you enjoy my photography and would like a professional print of my work please visit my site click here.

Amicalola Falls.

The north Georgia mountains are always a fun place to explore. This area is probably one of my favorites, even though the water fall was slightly dry it was still a beautiful day. If you like my photos and would like to purchase them visit my site.

Noccalula Falls.

Hiking and exploring the beautiful Noccalula falls was a epic experience I’ve been wanting to find a waterfall that one could actually go behind. The trail is full of beautiful flowers and berries with lots of birds which create just a peaceful and serine vibe to the whole area. If you’d like to purchase anyContinue reading “Noccalula Falls.”