Who Shot Rcok & Roll ?

This is a photography exhibition opening today in Brooklyn New York at the Brooklyn museum. The exabition shocase some of the finest colabration between musicans and photographers. Michael Lavine’s , Storm Thorgerson and Ian Dickerson are just a couple of photographers exhibiting there. Opening night there will be a concert with Blondie. Needless to say thisContinue reading “Who Shot Rcok & Roll ?”

Behind the seen with Silversun Pickups

I have often wonder why certain arts make strange videosbe a fan of music videos. In some case its because they were trying to be differnt . When L.A based band silversun pickups and director Emmet Malloy made this video thats just what they were doing. To see the full video and other videos fromContinue reading “Behind the seen with Silversun Pickups”

Canon G10

Canon G10 is a stellar camera when it comes to its size and what it can do. The camera shoots 14 mega pixels, has live view and low noise capabilities. In addition to that the camera also can do video and there are some lens accessories to increase the focal length not bad for a point and shoot.