Canon Tilt-Shift Lens and tilt shift photography

Tilt shift lens are a style of lens that mimic the large format bellows capabilities. Mainly used for architecture these lens can tilt and sway, by doing this you can control what is in focus more.if you would like to see other videos like this go to youtube or digital camera reviews,also if you want to find wereContinue reading “Canon Tilt-Shift Lens and tilt shift photography”

Canon 5D Mark II Firmware update 2010

Canon has announced an update for the firmware, meaning when you do video now you can film at 24-25 frames per second and still be at 1080 video. This is important because it will allow better quality if you do chose to do video. However if you don’t the 5D Mark II can still shootContinue reading “Canon 5D Mark II Firmware update 2010”

Atlanta Photojournalism Seminar.

There is going to be a seminar for photojournalism at the begging of December. The seminar will concisest of work shops, speakers and a contest of the different elements of photojournalism. My self Brett May, Damain Aching, Amanda Gardener, and Lisa Cave will all be volunteering at the seminar I cant tell you how excited I am for this opportunity toContinue reading “Atlanta Photojournalism Seminar.”