Cypress trees in southern Ga.

On a recent road trip south I stopped in at the beautiful state park of George l smith. The park is full of these cypress trees that you can kayak through or just just amongst them it is a very peaceful park. If you enjoy my photography and would like to hang some of my photos in your home please visit my website for purchasing options.

Noccalula Falls.

Hiking and exploring the beautiful Noccalula falls was a epic experience I’ve been wanting to find a waterfall that one could actually go behind. The trail is full of beautiful flowers and berries with lots of birds which create just a peaceful and serine vibe to the whole area. If you’d like to purchase any of my photos please click here.

Foggy north Ga morning .

Took a day trip to north Ga hoping to capture a dramatic sunrise. However, the weather had other plans. Decided to explore the area and found this interesting tree the fog really made the environment very surreal and moody. If you enjoy my photography check my online store.

Exploring Cochran Mills.

I decided to hike around the beautiful Cochran Mills. With the warmer temperatures it was a awesome day for hiking and the fall colors provided beautiful scenery for photographing. If you enjoy my photography and would like to purchase some of my work click here.

Ana Ruby Falls.

Hiking and exploring the north Georgia mountains in the fall is always a good time, there’s so much to see and the vibrant colors of the leaves as the season changes is beautiful. Ana Ruby has been on my list for awhile and I decided to go hike and explore and shoot some photos. If you like my photography and want to purchase any of the prints visit my website.

Beautiful Views of California.

Driving some 4,000 miles in a couple of weeks. Hiking and exploring multiple national parks was a dream. I had wanted to do something like this for awhile. Being able to and being able to photograph it all was such a blessing. California has so many stunning views, it was amazing to see all the different topography of the land and to watch it change as we traveled. Here’s some photos from various parks and other parts of California. If you feel inclined to purchase any of my photos please visit the link.

Death Valley
Ancient Bristlecone Pine Tree
Joshua Tree
California cost