Exploring the desert.

Next on the road trip is Death Valley. It was a drastic change from Mammoth lakes but still very beautiful in its own way. I decided to hike earlier in the morning to see the sunrise and to try and avoid the heat. That being said I did go out one evening while it was 106 degrees. Death Valley is a place that surprised me with all it had to offer it’s a really amazing park. If interested in purchasing any of my photos visit my website or if you can DM.

Minimalism in North Ga Mountains.

Took an early morning drive to the north Ga mountains to shoot some minimalistic images and time-lapse. I used the sony 100-400 to isolate the mountains since it was slightly over cast. I really enjoyed watch the fog roll over the hills North Ga is such a fun place to explore. To see more photos or to see a clip of the time lapse follow my Instagram and to purchase any of the photos click here.

North GA Morning Hike.

Early morning drive to one of my favorite spots to shoot in Ga, Hiawassee Ga. The drive up in to the mountains is breath taking with the fog rolling over the hills. When the weather is good natures healing powers are evident in it. For more photos and adventures follow my IG page and to purchase any of my photos click here to access my print shop.

Hidden Falls Cloudland Canyon.

Exploring more of this beautiful state park. Theres so much to see, I think I have found at least five waterfalls at this one park which is pretty cool considering sometimes you have to drive & hike a couple of hours just to find one. Cloudland is an amazing state park! This image is a panorama of a waterfall I discover while hiking to the bottom of the canyon. Be sure to fallow me on Instagram for more photos and stories and to purchase any of my photos click here.

Cloudland Canyon Cherokee Falls.

Hiking and exploring the beautiful Cloudland Canyon after a couple of rainy days. The storms brought have down pours which made for ragging falls. It was a lot of fun seeing this spot with the falls being so dramatic. On occasion the falls will dry up usually in summer months. Be sure to fallow my Instagram account for more stories and photos and to purchase any of my photos click here.

Exploring Gibbs Gardens.

Hiking around the local botanical garden in search of different compositions. However, these spots can sometimes be a bit crowded keep that in mind if you planning a trip. The scenery was a bit overwhelming everything was blooming and super vibrant, after struggling for a sec I landed on a couple of compositions that I really liked. For more photos & stories follow my Instagram & to purchase prints click here.

Pisgah Alabama.

Hiking around this beautiful spot was awesome my stoke level was through the roof. There was a lot of lush wild flowers and new plants blooming it was very peaceful.I highly recommend exploring north Alabama if you have not yet been. If you enjoy my photography and stories be sure to follow my instagram and to purchase prints click here.

DeSoto State Park.

Beautiful hike and views in DeSoto state park. Spent the day exploring all the different trails and siting by the rivers edge. The weather was just as amazing as the views. If you enjoy my photos and would like to see more photos or stories follow my Instagram & to purchase any of my photo prints click here.