DeSoto State Park.

Beautiful hike and views in DeSoto state park. Spent the day exploring all the different trails and siting by the rivers edge. The weather was just as amazing as the views. If you enjoy my photos and would like to see more photos or stories follow my Instagram & to purchase any of my photo prints click here.

Sun Rise at Providence Canyon

Providence Canyon is a small but very interesting state park. The morning hike was fairly easy and enjoyable, the park provides such different views. If you enjoy my photos and what to see more follow my Instagram & to purchase any of my photos click here.

Little River Canyon.

Explored this beautiful waterfall in northern Alabama. The weather was perfect and the location was stunning framed up my shot, I decided to do a couple of different exposures. I ended up liking this one the best I feel that it captures the peacefulness of this lovely place. For more photos and stories follow my Instagram & to purchase my photo prints click here.

Waterfall At Cochran Mill

Hiked around the beautiful Cochran mill. This park has become a favorite because its usually not ever crowded. Keep in mind it is winter here so that is probably why, either way its a fun place to explore and do long exposure photography. If you enjoy my photos follow for more stories and photos on my Instagram & to purchase prints click here.

Driftwood Beach

On the last day of my trip to Jekyll I decide to hike to the end of the beach. So much had changed since my last visit. I spotted this lone tree and decide to frame it up, I wanted to do a longer exposure to soften the ocean and bring out more tones in the sky. Equipment all set up I waited as I was being eaten by sea fleas. Once the photo was complete I packed up my gear and headed home. Jekyll is such a beautiful place. Be sure to follow my Instagram for more stories and photos, and if you want to purchase prints click here.

Dukes Creek Falls

Dukes Creek falls is a beautiful hiking trial located in the north Ga mountains. I have hiked a lot of different trails in this area but this trail was one of the more prettier trials. There are a lot of evergreens and ferns along the trail as well as glimpses of the river. For more photos and stories follow my instagram and to purchase photos click here.

Cochran Mill Park

Cochran Mill Park is a local park that honestly I hadn’t consider traveling to. I knew it had some nice bike trials but that was it. So when I decide to do some research and discovered that there was a waterfall I decide to go explore the park further. It is such a peaceful place I recommend it if your in the area. Prints are for sale click here to access my print shop and beside to follow my instagram for more stories and photos

Stephens Gap Cave.

Stephens Gap Is sits in northern Alabama, it is a short hike from the parking lot that features beautiful views along the way. If your looking for a different kind of hike I recommend it however you’ll need to go through SCCI to obtain your permit ( they usually respond within the a day or two). The cave it self is a beauty and a fun place to explore. If you enjoy my photography and stories beside to follow my Instagram. Also, you can purchase some of my photos from my adventure by visiting my website.

Arabia Mountain

Early morning hike around Arabia MT was a lot of fun. I had been before but not be able to explore as much of the park as I had wanted, so it was good to venture back. I think it is a good idea to venture back to familiar spots usually you find something new. Be sure to follow me on instagram and for print sales click here to access my professional print shop.